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How Can I Help my Loved Ones ?

  • First understand the person.
  • Have empathy, feel what’s going through his/her mind.
  • Invite them for walks or outings so that they can have healthy distractions.
  • Take an appointment with the psychiatrist.
  • Assure them that they actually be symptom free and get well.

Any Advice For Caregivers?

Yes. Actually it is the care givers who are subjected to a lot of metal stress and physical exhaustion. In fact they are unable to take care of themselves. Some studies do indicate that care givers may get affected from depression during the course of taking care of their loved ones. So care givers must take care of themselves while taking care of their loved ones. Some studies proved that if the care giver got affected, it took a toll on the treatment outcome of his /her loved ones too.

How can I Take Care of Myself?

  • See your doctor.
  • Be sensitive to mood swings especially sudden changes form mania to depression.
  • Eat in time. Keep the time fixed.
  • Go to bed at particulate time. Never change that.
  • Have nice sleep.
  • Take medication regularly.
  • Realise that it take time for you get better. Do not expect quick fix solutions.
  • Take the help of a good counsellor.

Where Can I Get Help from?

  • Take the help of your family doctor first.
  • Visit other metal health professionals (psychiatrists, psychologist, social worker, counsellors)
  • Go to the nearest civic hospital
  • Take the help of Social agencies and clergy
  • Join Peer groups
  • Get the benefits under Employee assistance programs

Check your phone book under the following headings:

  • Mental health
  • Health
  • Social services
  • Hotlines
  • Physicians

Some time emergency room doctor is helpful in providing temporary support


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