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Treatment and Prognosis for Asperger Disease

Treatment of Asperger Disease

The ideal treatment factors in and coordinates four core factors of the disorder that include:

  • Deficits in communication skils
  • Obsession with single avocation
  • Repeated actions
  • Lack of physical coordination

There is not single treatment for curing the children with Aspergers disease. But experienced physicians and psychiatrists are of the opinion that the sooner the treatment is started the better it is for the affected child.

The best treatment option gives lot of importance to child’s general interests and is fashioned in such a manner that the treatment revolves round it. It offers predictable schedule, teaches tasks in easy and simple steps. It also actively engages the child’s attention in tailor made standard activities. Through this proper behaviour is regularly reinforced. This kind of program usually includes:

Training in social skills : Through this peer interaction is encouraged among children. They will be trained in acquiring necessary interacting skills.

Cognitive behavioural therapy: It is basically a counselling therapy which trains the children to get rid of unhelpful obsessive repetitive activities and improve their concentration and memory.

Medication: Medication for associative symptoms such as depression, anxiety, Touretts syndrome needs to be given.

Physical therapy:Physical therapy is given for improving motor coordination and sensory integration.

Speech therapy: Speech therapy is offered for children with trouble pragmatics (ability to correlate with the context) of the speech.

Parental grooming and mentoring by the students play a crucial role in moulding the behaviour of the child properly.

The outcome is relatively good. The patient needs constant treatment and encouragement to cope up with the stress of the disorder and lead normal life.

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