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Insulin Helps in Reducing the Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease

Insulin plays a very vital role in normal memory process. Insulin irregularities lead to the deficits in the learning and memory processes of the brain. It seriously impairs the cognitive abilities of the person. Research has been going on since last one decade regarding the functional importance of insulin in Alzheimer’s disease.

According to Neurologist Bill Klein Alzheimer’s disease is a kind of diabetes of the brain. He went on to propose a new category of diabetis called Type 3 Diabetes. Earlier researchers too have found that patients with Alzheimer’s disease have less number of insulin in their brain and their brain is actually insulin resistant.

However there is still lot of ambiguity regarding the mode through which insulin needs to be supplied. The biggest challenge is with regard to the supply of insulin without affecting the blood glucose levels. Any default lowering of blood sugar levels creates severe complications such as confusion, heart palpitations, anxiety and visual disturbances.

Initial research suggests that when insulin is taken as a nasal spray, it reaches the brain almost immediately. This helps in preventing the insulin from interfering with and affecting the normal blood sugar levels.

The research though is promising is not path breaking. The sample size was less and the patients were suffering with mild cognitive deficits. The safety and effectiveness of the intranasal insulin is not established beyond all reasonable doubts. Subsequent drug trials are still under way with larger samples. Hopefully this may throw new light.

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