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Symptoms of Tourette Syndrome – Dealing with Tourette Syndrome Affected Child

Tourette syndrome is characterised by tics. Tics are involuntary, stereotype movements or even vocalizations that are repetitive and odd. It stresses the individual a great deal and limits his/her social interactions. People with Tourette syndrome experience more tics at school and work places. This really bothers them a great deal. Some people try to conceal their symptoms. Concealing the symptoms leads to their aggravation. Many of the people who are “normal” at the work place return home with Tourette syndrome.

Are tics witnessed During the Sleep?

Tics are one of the few movement abnormalities that are witnessed during sleep. Unlike other neurodegenerative disorders like Huntington’s and Parkinson’s disorders, wherein abnormal muscle movements are either feebly present or almost absent, the tics of Tourette syndrome seem to be present during the sleep as well.

How Should I Handle My Child if he or she has Tourette Syndrome ?

First of all do not let your child know that he or she has Tourette syndrome. It is a neurological and not a psychological diagnosis. The tics and other repetitive and compulsive behaviours (doing a particular task time and again without any purpose) form the prominent symptoms of the disorder. Handle the children with utmost care, affection and more importantly make them feel that they are as normal as their peers. Take the help of a counsellor in this regard. No need to worry regarding the intelligence and career prospects of the child as the children with Tourette syndrome are quite normal in terms of intelligence and IQ. There were instances in past wherein a freshman with a successful stint at school was embarrassed at the college when a peer or a professor asked to control his/her improper behaviour (tics). These young adults rushed to the doctor all of a sudden after a long healthy gap. This emphasises the fact there is no proper awareness even among the teachers regarding this disorder.

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