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Tourette Syndrome – Taking the Kith and Kin into Confidence

Tourette syndrome is characterized by tics. Tics are involuntary, stereotype movements or even vocalizations that are repetitive and odd.

How Should I Take into Confidence my kith and Kin if come to know I have been Affected by Tourette Syndrome?

Family and friends play a crucial role in helping out the person suffering from Tourette syndrome. In fact as the disease runs in the family and is known to cause by interaction of more than one gene it is not difficult for a person to cope with the disease. As unlike psychiatric disorders the genetic data of neurological disorders is not that ambiguous. Tourette syndrome is not such a complicated diagnosis not withstanding the fact that repetitive behaviour noticed in the disorder resembles obsessive compulsive disorder. Your performance at the workplace will be absolutely normal and your intelligence will be on par with other normal individuals. Take the members of your family to a family counsellor. It is better that they are appraised by an expert so that your relationship with your kids and spouse are normal and last smoothly.

Tell your employers also about your predisposition and inform them in advance. It is difficult but it is better to appraise in advance in order to avoid inconvenient and embarrassing enquiries regarding your symptoms, especially that of tics.

Can I Drive if I have Tourette Syndrome ?

Yes why not. Your tics do not limit your abilities to the extent where you cannot even drive your car. But if your doctor prescribes drugs like Bengodisepine and other neuroleptics in order to address the related psychiatric symptoms, better avoid driving during the course of the treatment. Because these drugs cause dizziness.

Finally, take heart from the fact that you are in the elite group consisting of the great composer Mozart and the great warrior Alexander (assessed retrospectively to have suffered from Tourette symptoms).

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